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Identifying the Owner of a Phone Number

Published on 07-01-2013

Do you get annoying calls from the numbers you don't know? You're probably curious to find out who's calling you, aren't you? Most of the times such calls are generate from telemarketing companies. Sometimes, however, such calls are from the people who need you for something. Ignoring calls from such people in need may not be a very good idea. This article will explain to you how you can get out of that situation by identifying the person behind any phone call. Once you identify the person behind the phone call, you can decide for yourself whether you want to answer it or not.

There are some ways to get the name and the address of a person under whom that phone number has been registered. If it is a landline number, you can run a simple white page search and retrieve name, address, and other information for that person. Such information is available on white pages only if the phone number owner has not opted to delist their number from the white page directory. If they have sent a request to be removed from such directory, which probably they have, then finding their identity maybe a little tougher. You don't have to worry yet though, because we do have other options.

Another option of service that you can use to unveil the identity of a person behind a phone call is by running a reverse phone lookup. By running a reverse phone lookup, you can retrieve the name, and other information on the caller. The reports generated by a reverse phone lookup also tend to include some critical information about criminal history of the person. These reports are usually useful for people who not only want to identify the person behind the call but also want to determine whether that is a potentially dangerous person or not. Most reverse phone lookup directories contain information for both landline and cell phone numbers, so it is one-spot solution to trace all kind of telephone calls.

There are many websites out there who have compiled the reverse lookup information into their directory. Even though such websites contain information for most of the phone numbers, they may not have information for all of the numbers. For that reason, if you are paying for the service, it is recommended that you only purchase a trial version of the membership at first. If it satisfies your needs, you can go ahead and purchase a full membership.


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