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Free Criminal Background Check - The Myths and the Reality

Published on 06-15-2013

Many people believe that there are free criminal background check websites out there. It is not hard to find people who are desperately looking for a website to perform a background check for free. The honest truth here is that most of those people will be left disappointed because there isn't really any background check website that is absolutely free.

There is one exception though. Some government websites do provide access to some kind of criminal records on their citizens. But in most cases, even the government websites charge for online searches. For instance, the Government of Florida charges $24 to the general public when they submit a request for a criminal background check. Many other government websites do not provide online criminal background check service at all. With them, you have to send a written request if you want to perform a background check on anyone.

The best recommended way to find a government website that offers a criminal records is by using the search engines to find the relevant websites with a "site:gov" phrase at the beginning. You can search for websites that matches the term "site:gov free background check florida," if you want to find criminal records for residents of Florida. This retrieves only government websites with relevant information for you. Like mentioned before, most results, however, will be disappointing.

The technique mentioned above will not fulfill your need all the time, and there is not enough genuine information available in the internet on this matter. The information on this topic is scattered all over the internet is such a way that anybody would have a very hard time determining which information to trust and which not to trust. In such situation, the best and recommended action to take is to purchase the most suitable background check package for you. Most criminal background check services offer a trial service. If you are intending to perform searches on only a few people, you can do so by using only the Trial service. If you want to run more checks, you can go ahead and purchase a premier account that matches your needs anytime you want. The paid membership varies anywhere from $10 to $25 a year. But if you do purchase any of these paid memberships, you will be able to run unlimited background checks all your life for free on an updated database.

After all these been said, a simple answer to whether or not there are any free criminal background check services available out there is a "No." If you keep roaming around the internet looking for a website that meets your desire, you are definitely going to be end up being frustrated and disappointed. To prevent this situation, it is a very good idea to give some paid services a try. You can always register for a trial account and discontinue that account anytime you want. Make sure you choose a free trial account though, because there are websites out there that charge you a couple of bucks for a trial membership as well.


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